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How to be a more present father

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As a new dad, we want to be present for our kids and make sure we give them the time they need.  Even when we know how important this is our lives can get busy, other things can take over and we aren’t as present as we want to be.  If you’re someone who struggles to give your kids the time you want, these tips are for you. They’re realistic, bite-sized and easy to put into place. Ready? 

1. Take your shoes off at the door

Before you step inside the house, remove your shoes. As you do, mindfully take off the work day too and leave it outside. This helps you shift from work-mode to family-mode and arrive as Dad ready to be there for your kids.

2. Talk about your day too

You will often take the time to ask your kids how their day was at school. But, how often do you tell them about yours? Share some things about your day your kids might be interested in. You’ll be surprised how little faces light up as they listen.

By talking about your day, you’re connecting and building your relationship together. This helps to foster trust and builds important communication skills between you.

3. Remember to play

Start with play. Kick a ball, have a wrestle or let little hands paint your finger nails. You might cut a bit of slack from the boys for your manicure, but the rewards are worth it. When you do the things your kids love you foster a strong sense of love and trust. 

Want more tips?

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