Change is Possible and changemakers all across Aotearoa are proving it every day. From the group of dads in Masterton who wrangle toddlers and life’s challenges over coffee, the men in Whanganui who support other men to be the safe loving partners they want to be, to the South Auckland Barbershop that serves encouragement, support and a sense of brotherhood with their cuts. It’s simple initiatives like this that are helping men all across the motu level up as fathers, husbands, brothers and mates. 

Being a changemaker looks different for everyone. Some of us are leading change within ourselves, homes or relationships. Others are creating safe space for other men to explore their lives and the challenges they face in a healthy way. Whatever your story — we want to fund and partner with changemakers across Aotearoa to develop your initiatives and spread the word that change is possible and achievable.  

The Changemaker Fund offers funding to initiatives that promote positive forms of masculinity, challenge harmful gender norms, and engage men in healing. Around here, we believe that change is possible and given that you’re here, chances are that you do too. If you think you might be a changemaker yourself or have an idea for a kaupapa that could help the men in your community to level up and grow – we want to hear from you.

Applications for the Changemaker Fund closed on Friday, 9 June 2023. To be first to know when the next round of funding becomes available, sign up to receive our newsletter below.


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